Praise the Gourd: Spaghetti Squash 101

Happy Sunday!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe, so I took this terribly cold weather as my initiative to try some new things food-wise! I’ve been noticing the spaghetti squash hype for a few months now, so I decided to give it a go!

First off, what the devil is a spaghetti squash? It’s a yellowish type of squash that contains seeds and a stringy center that, when heated, can be scraped out to resemble noodles.  Although the stringy center resembles spaghetti noodles, the consistency is a bit more grainy and firm.  The end result is a gluten free pasta and casserole alternative, perfect for those of you jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon.

As I Googled preparation tips for this type of squash, I was surprised.  People know how to cook this stuff six ways to Sunday.  I chose a simple method considering it was my first time. It mimics a traditional spaghetti and meat sauce recipe. Enjoy!


Heat your oven to 400 degrees. Cut the squash in half (this can be super tricky, so get a firm grip on one side.  I used a kitchen rag).  Place the squash flat side down in a large baking pan and pour about 1/4 cup of water in the pan (just enough to cover the surface of the bottom)


Cook time varies on squash size, but about 30 minutes is usually good.  You want to be able to scrape out the ‘noodles’ without much force


using a fork, horizontally scrape out the noodles on both halves of the squash.  The skin is very hot after baking in the oven, so bring back that kitchen rag you used to cut the squash so you don’t burn yourself!


I sautéed one package of lean ground beef and seasoned it with Publix Total Seasoning Blend, salt, pepper, and garlic salt to taste.  Any kind of sauce works with this recipe, but I used traditional vodka sauce for a creamier taste.  I also aded salt, pepper, and butter to the noodles.  Add a bit of shredded parmesan cheese and you’re good to go!

Yields about 3 large servings





American Gothic: wear black & wear it well


“Stars can’t shine without darkness”

This quote came to mind as I rummaged through my closet earlier this afternoon.  I was looking for something cool and colorful, but all I could see in front of me was a mixture of blacks, whites, and (excuse the reference) fifty shades of grey.

Then I realized something. 

You don’t need to look like Easter Sunday to show your bubbly self! Expressing yourself through clothing doesn’t necessarily have to focus on color itself.  Rather, your signature, everyday looks should make you feel like an even more awesome version of you, and not someone completely different.

Upon realizing this, I embraced my inner darkness, if you will.  Black, white, grey (and sometimes a pop of color) make up the essentials of my signature style.  Even if you’re a die-hard neon fan, give this a try! Here are my rules for creating an all-black look:

#1: Gather the essentials

It’s important for any look to contain quality pieces that you love and feel great in! I recommend taking the time to find a pair of black pants (my favorites are black denim) that you absolutely love.  Fine-tune it down to the fit and length you like best.  These will serve as your go-to foundation to build your perfect all-black look.

Next, find a few tops of different styles that you think work well with the pants.  Im a sucker for a good peplum, but i’ve recently been trying out flowy, loose tops in response to my obsession with jeggings.

Lastly, SHOES. I love pulling together a great outfit with even better shoes.  I’ve learned over the years that even when not wearing all black, your shoes should usually be the darkest part of your outfit.  Wearing flashy, bright shoes with an all-black outfit would draw all the attention to your feet (uh, not good. Eyes up here).  

#2: Take it from the pros

I used to make fun of my mom for wearing black all the time.  Now, judging by my closet, I have no room to talk.  I’ve realized that it’s a very practical style choice.  Everything goes with everything.  There’s no fuss!

If you don’t have a mom like mine, then get some inspiration from some of my favorite celebs who completely nail this look! Kelly Cutrone, Olivia Palermo, The Kardashians (really), and Reese Witherspoon are the blackout queens in my book.  Take to Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr for even more outfit inspiration. Try out a look you never thought you’d wear in a million years!

#3: Spice it up

Don’t let the all-black memo fool you, this look is anything but bland! There’s something about the chic simplicity of this look that leaves more room for your makeup, hair, and accessories to be noticed!

For makeup, go ahead and do something bold.  A red lip. Power brows. Ultra-shimmery eyeshadow.  The great thing about this look is that it never looks too busy, which allows you to pump it up in the beauty department.

The same rule applies for hair, but make sure you have a balance.  Simplicity is key.  Play up your best features!

Don’t forget about accessories! I love building black outfits around a sparkly statement necklace, headband, or big earrings.  The simplicity of your outfit will play up the drama in your accessories.  Go for bold clutches, countless bangles, big necklaces, power nails, and eye-catching earrings!

#4: Just go with it

Fashion is about trying new things.  It’s also about finding your own personal style and developing it over time.  This look might not be for everyone, but you’ll never know if you don’t try!




Girl On The Street: New Looks For 2015

Has your closet been lacking lately? Maybe not up to par with the new 2015 you? You’re in luck! I’m back and ready to help you amp up your wardrobe for the new year. With these new street style looks, you’ll be turning heads!

Let’s start with outerwear. A statement coat is always a must-have for the chilly winter months! Here are a few of my favorites:


(Topshop, $250)


(Zara, $149)

coat 3

(Alice and Olivia, $1,298)

Now onto the more important things in life–shoes! Check out my favorites ranging from flat to sky-high!


(Chanel, $1,000-$1,500)


(Michael Kors)


(Alexander Wang)

Last on the list (but certainly not least)– bags, bags, bags! My personal guilty pleasure. Take a look!


(Rebecca Minkoff, $195)


(Marc by Marc Jacobs, $428)

I hope this gives you the inspiration you need to get out there, get colorful, and get shopping!


Whatever happened to that whole dating thing?



Let’s skip the small talk and get right to the point. 


Where did college dating go?

The word “dating” is not readily found in the vocabulary of many college students these days.  It seems more like a relic from the school days of our baby boomer parents, likely to be associated with antiquated words like “courting”, “wooing”, or “going steady”. 

The guy is no longer expected to pick the girl up.  He’s no longer expected to pay for everything.  Or initiate the date, for that matter.  Long gone are the Mary Jane and Peter’s and Noah and Allie’s.  In their place we find casanovas that have girlfriend lists longer than John Mayer’s. Unfortunately, their affections last scarcely through the next morning.  

Not to say that dating is dead, though.  It has simply just become very VERY casual.  Dinner and a movie used to be the norm, but now meeting up at a party or studying together could be considered official “date” occasions. To complicate things more, our generation has come up with a dating language to specify exactly what your dating status is (i.e talking, hooking up, friends with benefits, open relationships, serious, etc.)

Let me just tell you right now that, no matter what you might be thinking, the ‘hookup culture’ is not really the issue.  That’s always been a college thing and it always will be.  Throw together social media, emojis, texting addictions, and mix them all into a college campus and you know you’re going to have a problem. Obviously a text that reads “<3 xox” doesn’t have the same effect as saying “I love you”.  Once we stop playing games, ditch the defense mechanism of apathy, and quit communicating with emoticons, we will be much better off when it comes to dating. 

Ladies, this one goes out to those of you who have lost all hope. The good, dateable guys are out there, you’re just looking in all the wrong places.  I know it may be a bit of a shock, but you’re probably not going to find the love of your life sitting at a bar. Or at a rowdy fraternity party.  It’s time for you ladies to get the real southern gentleman you deserve.  And the respect you deserve, for that matter. 

Don’t settle for less. Stop playing games.  Enjoy the dating game.#ChivalryIsntDead



Just a little advice/rant from your favorite southern gal. 



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Trendabl: cornbreadandcashmere

Snow What Fun!

Happy Wednesday!

Let me just take a moment to say that it is indeed snowing here in South Carolina.  As this is a rare occurrence, everyone, including myself, is freaking out. Although it’s strange to see palmetto trees and other southern icons dusted with snow, the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful. Take a look:



As you may have guessed, this post isn’t geared towards chatting about freak winter storms. No, I’d rather talk about what i’ve seen people wearing around campus this week! In case you didn’t know, here at the University of South Carolina temperatures can rise to about 65 one day, then drop to 20 the next! 


Here are my most-spotted pieces: 

1. Hunter Boots

Okay i’ll admit it, these things are a good investment. Not only for the rain, but for the snow too! Jump on the bandwagon and buy a pair of these rain boots. Plus, they’re available in almost any color under the sun. 



(Rag & Bone Tall boots, $295,


2. Winter Headbands

One of my favorite winter essentials! These give you all the warmth of a hat, without all the commitment. Also, there are so many different types! Lululemon has a great version that keeps you warm while walking, exercising, or just playing!



(Frosty Run Ear Warmer, $32,


3. Tech Gloves

This could quite possibly be the greatest innovation since sliced bread. No more having to take your gloves off to use a touch screen! To be honest, I was skeptical at first.  Now I have them in three colors! These gloves for everyday outings will keep your fingers warm in style! 



(Ralph Lauren Military Tech Gloves with Leather Trim, $35,


What are you waiting for? Go out and enjoy the cold weather! Just make sure you dress for the occasion.